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My name is Cory and I continually find myself starting blind. Time after time, I take on complex challenges to innovate, and my vision to simplify and foster inclusive experiences guides me forward.

My professional path is a tapestry of diverse experiences united by a singular mission: to empower people to learn, achieve, and thrive. From the foundations of a digital materials accessibility program in university to the global arenas of tech giants like Intel, Microsoft, and Amazon, I have been the architect of change, breaking down barriers in technology and communication.

At the core of my success is a blend of unique perspectives, sharp insights, and an eagerness to absorb knowledge from every corner of life. This journey has taken me from creating a digital materials program to spearheading work to ensure digital retail healthcare care experiences are accessible during critical times like the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine scheduling application.

Then, leading a Customer Experience Accessibility team, I defined accessibility as a customer experience, merging technical prowess with a deep understanding of human experience. My work is not just about meeting standards; it is about crafting journeys that are intuitive, efficient, and inclusive for everyone.

I continue to follow my vision to create a more accessible world, where what we build is accessible by design to bring us forward to a more inclusive society.